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Light stretches to do while working from home

Do Some Light Stretches In Between Your Routine!

Buried in work and personal matters are the top excuses why most people neglect doing exercise, even simple ones. The spare time they have usually is for house chores, leisure activities, or even doing nothing just to catch a break. That’s fine. But consider this, here we would like to suggest a few simple light stretches while you’re doing anything but exercise to improve your body and well-being.


#1 Shoulder stretch

Your body might feel a little sore from the same position you’ve been in for a long time when you do activities that don’t require much movement like playing computer games. Look, here’s what you have to do: Pause the game, straighten your back while facing forward with your feet on the ground. Next, extend your right arm up above your head and reach to the left. Bend your torso slightly until you feel the stretch in your right waist and shoulder. That’s it.

Repeat five times and do the same thing with your left arm.

Stretch shoulder and arms


#2 Head stretch

As the movie you’re watching is showing some boring scenes, take the time to do some head stretches. It is beneficial to your neck as it loosens the tension built up in the neck area.

Just place both of your hands at the back of your head and look downwards. Put the weight of your locked hands on your head and feel the stretch at the back of your neck. 

Next, press your palms together, like in a praying position, and put under your chin. Push up towards your chin and at the same time, lift your head upwards while having the weight of your head resting on your hands.

Repeat the motion until you feel refreshed. You can also apply the same techniques at the left and right sides of your neck stretch. And look, the boring movie scene is over and you managed to do some stretches to pass the time.

head and neck stretch.


#3 Cobra pose

As you scroll your social media on your bed for quite some time, doing a stretch for your back is something that you should consider. A cobra pose can be done on the floor or your bed just fine. Convenient, right?

All you have to do is place your hands in front of you as your body is lengthened and your legs are extended in a line. Begin to push your body while tilting your head upwards. Hold the pose for a good minute. Repeat at least five times and maybe later, you’ll find yourself more energized to spend your day on a more productive note.

Cobra pose


#4 Child’s pose stretch

But if you feel the cobra pose isn’t enough, simply continue with a child’s pose stretch. Just follow up with the cobra pose and repeat both stretches as many as you desire. It provides plenty of benefits to relaxation, improves blood circulation to your head as it calms your mind, and reducing fatigue. This stretch requires you to concentrate on your deep breathing patterns during the pose, with the hope that you will get serenity throughout the day.

child’s pose yoga





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