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Exercise and Stay Active From Home

5 Free Apps You Can Download To Stay Active At Home

Malaysia has been in lockdown for almost 3 months now and many have been feeling jaded and stuck at home. We all know this feeling all too well and it may bring more harm than good as it affects our overall well-being from focus, mood and wellness.

There are many ways to unstuck yourself mentally, one of them is by moving physically. Here are 5 completely free apps to get your body moving, heart pumping and mind active! You’ll thank yourself for reading this later!


#1 Just Dance Now

Just Dance Now

If you love to dance and you love music! I guarantee you will love this app! You will need your phone, internet connection, and a laptop to play this game. Your phone acts as a controller and your motion detector, while your laptop acts as your screen to play and groove to the beat!

This game practices your coordination and timing. It definitely brought out the competitive spirit in many players around the world! This game is available to download on both the App Store for iOS users and the Play Store for Android users. 


#2 Active Arcade

Active Arcade

If you’ve been sitting too long on your desk, you need a quick pick-me-up, and are in need of some movements, this app is for you! It has 4 types of games and all games definitely train your hand-eye coordination and help you to move and jump around within the time limit! Keeping your heart rate up like rapid cardio! Active Arcade is also available to Android and iOS users.


#3 Instagram Live 

Instagram Live

Instagram is not just for OOTDs and Make-Up tutorials, it is also a platform that you can utilise to follow fitness accounts that have weekly live workout sessions and amazing workout content. Feel inspired by the fitness community on Instagram and join these free live workout sessions and workout tips and tricks right at home.


Follow these accounts for the awesome content!
@chindian.gainz @fitjiejie @fitbysonnica


 #4 Nike Training Club

Nike Training Club App

NTC App is a step-by-step guided app with a timer and music that allows you to pick the song of your choice. Fully equipped with visual and audio cues to remind you to breathe and make sure you have the right form. This app remains one of my top favourite workout apps as it is well developed and free for all. It is really quite foolproof and user-friendly for any beginner who uses Apple or Android out there.


#5 Fit On

Fit On App

If you love following your favourite fitness gurus on YouTube, then Fit On is for you! Fit On is an app that gives you unlimited access to the world’s best workouts from celebrity trainers. Download and train with the best like Cassey Ho, Julianne Hough and Gabrielle Union.

The app comes with a personalised workout plan that is only customized for you! The app comes with many types of workout from HIIT, to Strength Training to low impact like Yoga. Discover the exercise that suits you best, you can sign up here to find out more.

The app is available for both iOS and Android users.




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