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Useful Tips to Stay Refreshed in the Office

Useful Tips to Stay Refreshed in the Office

Little tweaks to your everyday routine at work can make a big difference for your well-being. But it can be tough to stay fit at work as you are desk-bound, and commuting in cars facing traffic for hours to go to work. Here are five creative ways to include some physical activities into your busy life, so you can keep fit and healthy even while working.

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1. Conference room? More like Yoga room.

Utilize the space you have around your office. Like those conference rooms tha people rarely use and its not just for boring meetings. Move some chairs & tables around to open up the room for engaging activities like yoga and aerobics.


2. No Whatsapp, no emails – just walk!

Pretend it’s the 90’s, instead of emailing or "whatsapping" your colleagues across the room, walk over to their desk and you get the steps add up to your exercise while having some social interaction.


3. Offer to get coffee for everyone

Be the one who volunteers to get some coffee at the coffee shop for everyone. That way, you have an excuse for you to get some of those fresh air or even stretch your limbs to walk over to the pantry!

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4. Company fitness challenge

Suggest to your boss to create a fun & rewarding company challenges that focuses on getting fit together. You can get everyone to be more active and bring out their competitive edge as well as spend time in a healthy competition at least once every 3 months.


5. Healthy lunch bunch

Join in with your colleagues and take turns bringing in fun healthy recipes to share. Make it a habit so that you stay aligned to keep active and healthy every day. Even better, make your own lunch-time sport.

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