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5 Yoga Poses For Weight Loss in 7 Days

Well, not everybody is cut out for HIIT workout or can thrive doing repetitive circuits in the gym. Some people are suitable for a low-impact workout, and yoga is the most popular choice for a low-impact workout!
Do not underestimate practicing yoga, it can make you sweat buckets and burn many calories! If you’re on a weight loss journey that won’t bulk up your muscles, it is also a great exercise to start on your weight loss journey and be gentle with your body. Here are 5 yoga poses for your weight loss journey. 

#1 Upward Salute (Urdhva Hastasana)

This is a rather straightforward stretch for the entire body. As you stretch, keep your arms engaged, spine straight, and open up your chest. 

This will give you a natural boost in energy and feels really good. This pose can help increase lung capacity, warm up your body, help stretch out the spine, shoulders, and arms, lengthen the side body as well as improve posture. 

Most yogi must learn the Upward Salute before going on to more advanced yoga exercises for weight loss.

The upward salute pose from yoga

#2 The Plank (Kumbhakasana)

The plank pose, perhaps the most common and well-known of all the poses, is one of the most effective ways to burn belly fat and tone your muscles.

Keep your hips in the same line as your back and legs. Elbows are straight to the floor and parallel to your shoulders and tuck in the tummy for the best results for this pose.

Plank pose helps in engaging your core

#3 Warrior III (Virabhadrasana C)

Want a toned bum? Warrior III is a T-position that’ll tone your backside while simultaneously strengthening your back, thighs, and arms!

Contract the abs when holding the spot to feel the burn more. It will not only help you balance, but it will also flatten your stomach. The longer you can hold Warrior III, the perkier your buttocks.

Warrior three yoga pose tightens your buttock

#4 One-Legged Downward-Facing Dog (Pose Eka Pada Adho Mukha Svanasana)

The downward-facing dog pose can help you learn to balance your body and find strength and engage your core. Follow these steps to learn to do it the right way:

1. The hips should remain square with the floor when you raise the right knee.
2. Maintain a balanced weight distribution in both hands.
3. Extend from the top of the head to the lifted right heel.
4. For some breaths, keep the hips squared and open the right hip, stacking it over the left hip. This will encourage you to raise your right leg higher and spread your hips.
5. Try to prevent your body from twisting to the left while you spread your hips.
6. Bend the right knee and bring the right foot against your left buttock in the open hips pose.
7. Straighten your right leg and re-square your hips to the floor after a few breaths.
8. Return the right foot to the ground.
9. Repeat this move 10 times for each leg, then take a break.

The right yoga posture for the downward-facing dog pose.

#5 Sun Salutations (Surya Namaskara)

Sun Salutations are a great way to start your yoga practice. It gradually stretches and warms the muscles, as well as getting the blood pumping and other beneficial effects. 

Sun Salutations increase internal heat when stretching and toning the majority of the main muscles.  It's a great pose to trim belly fat,  tone up your arm muscles, balance your metabolism, and boost your digestive system. 

There are only a few of the yoga poses that will help you lose weight. However, as you are obviously aware, the only way to maintain your ideal, healthier weight is to follow a healthy diet and live a healthy lifestyle that will benefit you in the long run, of which yoga could be just one part. 

Too stiff to balance a pose? You’ll need a hand that lets you stretch further. Learn more about yoga equipment and accessories that make this simple lose weight plan an effective one. 

Cobra pose is one of the well-known Sun Salutations poses.

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