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5 Steps to kick-start that 2020 Resolution

5 Steps to kick-start that 2020 Resolution

What does new year usually mean to all of us? New year means time to embrace the new beginnings and here comes the new year's resolution. We always say that we're going to achieve this and that but how can we give ourselves the best chance of turning that resolution into a daily habit in achieving that goal? Here are some of the tips we have for you to help you with YOUR new year resolution.

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1. Realistic Goals

Too ambitious with your fitness goal can lead to disappointment. You know that those 10 kilos you want to take off did not just happen overnight, but many people have the expectation to take it off that fast. When it doesn’t happen according to their unrealistic schedule, they give up (and usually end up gaining more weight.) Make sure you set SMART goals – Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely.


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2. Grab a  Buddy & Exercise

The best motivation is the support from your friend and their accountability towards your dream of achieving that dream bod. Once into your New Year fitness, your excitement may begin to wander and you might lose sight of your goal. However, because you don’t want to let down your exercise buddy, you go to the gym and work out together. If the truth be known, your buddy may not have felt like working out either but did so to keep from letting you down.


3. Write religiously in a journal

Writing down your starting weight, BMI and other pertinent facts, and then keeping track of your progress, is a great motivator. It helps you see in visual what you have achieved so far in your journey. Also write down anything that you feel and keep track of what you eat so you could keep up with your diet as well. Writing these things down usually makes everything more clear and does a great job of keeping you on track.

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4. Always keep it fresh

Don't get stuck in the same routine everyday. Spice it up and make it fresh. You won't be bored and it can become more efficient. Periodically change things up – try a routine that exercises different muscles to keep your body energize and on edge. Keep your body guessing. You’ll see the difference on the scale.


5. Don't forget to reward yourself

Keep track of your milestone and reward yourself for every achievement you've made towards your main goal no matter how small. Just make sure your reward doesn’t sabotage your efforts and your hard work all this while. Keep it simple and satisfying. In other words if you are losing weight, your reward should not be a high-calorie, high fat meal. Instead, try buying that new outfit you have been eyeing.

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