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Top 7 Yoga Trends You Need to Know

Top 7 Yoga Trends You Need to Know

When it comes to Yoga, what comes to mind? Exercise? Meditation? Flexibility? Stretching? Well, for all you yoga beginners like me, we can learn more about Yoga through the newest and somewhat oldest trends in 2019. Don't worry, goat yoga will not be included in the list. So, come along this journey with me and we'll find out.


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1. Snake Yoga

Oh No! This seems worst than the Goat Yoga trend doesn't it? When it comes to snakes, you can count me out. However, this misunderstood creatures are very useful in helping you to practice that weight training through yoga. This practice comes from a reptile-enthusiast from Vancouver, Canada. He created this practice to spread an awareness of how these snakes are the creatures that often labeled as scary but their not. Snakes are very nice when you get to know them.So why not give that a try!

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2. Aerial Yoga

For those of you not fancying the Snake Yoga, well you can try out this new trendy style of yoga which was popularized in 2018 but we've seen tons of celebrities still making this happening and trendy. Aerial yoga helps your body and joints relax without compressing your vertebrae because as you balance your body in the air, it gives the support your body needs.


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3. Chair Yoga

Chair Yoga might sound boring or safe as hardcore yoga enthusiast would say. However this particular practice is great for everyone and also for beginners and busy working people trying to find a healthy way to exercise. This is because you can do this exercise anywhere as long as you have a chair. No more excuses then.


Photo by Thao Le Hoang on Unsplash

4. Eco Yoga

For you guys who love going outside and enjoy nature will love this type of yoga. This Eco Yoga is a way for you to exercise and also reconnect with nature as well as giving energy that your body obviously need. Not many people would love working out outdoor especially in this era of 2019. However, this eco yoga helps your body and mind to relax in a way different than any other gym workouts.


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5. Chrome Yoga

Chroma Yoga or can also be known as the Light Therapy Yoga involves doing yoga in a room lit by diffrent colored lights, accompanied with soothing music, and relaxing scents to provide the person a cocoon for them to feel the relaxation and align their chakras. It is a high tech practice that’s created to help you get back in tune with your natural circadian rhythm.


Photo by Matthew Henry via BURST

6. Yoga Wheels

Add some equipment in your yoga regiment like the infamous yoga wheel that is made from a plastic wheel that you can use to help you with various poses when practicing your routine. The use of the wheel helps with your back-bends and foreearm-stands as well as acts as a core workout due to the balancing from your body on top of the wheel.


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4. Youtube Yoga

Have you ever heard of Youtube Yoga? Do we balance ourselves on our laptops while opening Youtube? That might be insane. It's a little more simple then you think. Nowadays not many people have the time or privelege to attend a yoga class, hence comes in Youtube to the rescue. Now, anyone can do yoga at home just via Youtube through tutorials and tip videos.



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