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10 Survival Tips for Your First Yoga Class

10 Survival Tips for Your First Yoga Class

So, you just bought that cute legging you saw online. You really really want to be a yogi and you want to learn about yoga but you're just a beginner at this thing. So what can you do? Stay awhile and we will help you through it. We will help you survive the jungle full of yogis.

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1. Don't forget to bring your own towel

Exercising or Meditating takes effort, so that effort produces a physical sign that shows up as sweats. So you have to be ready with your own towel to swipe all of the sweat away before it gets on your mat and a slippery mat is not something we want.



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2. Sweat-wicking apparel is your friend

Any movements we do equals to sweats. So to prevent yourself from being uncomfortable and icky, option for a pair of leggings that are both breathable and with high elasticity. Like this collection we have at VV EHOUSE. Click here to see the colourful and functional pairs.

3. Keep your stomach light an hour before the class

This advice is for a very very good reason. Yoga is a different kind of exercise that requires silence and complicated position you have to pose to. So avoid eating anything heavy and importantly gassy (you know why) to get the optimum benefit.


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4. Spend your money for a great quality yoga mat

When you are new to yoga, it takes a few classes to build up enough strength in your wrists to support your body weight; a quality mat provides cushioning and prevents your wrists from aching like crazy. So if you foresee yoga being a regular part of your life, it’s a worthwhile investment.

5. Learn & Review a few basic yoga poses online

Because the level of detailed instruction will vary depending on where and with whom you take class, it’s a good idea to have some working knowledge of the fundamental yoga poses before stepping onto the mat. Even better if you pull up a YouTube video on “Yoga for Beginners” or “Basic Yoga Poses” and try out some of the shapes.

6. Inform your instructors beforehand for any serious injuries or sensitivities

It is important to inform your yoga teacher or instructor if you are facing an issue with any old or new injury before you start the class. This is because they can be aware and they are likely be able to offer you some helpful tips or modifications, and may also be more mindful of how/if they offer you hands on assists during class.

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7. Know that yoga involves a lot of physical touches

As mentioned in the tip above, your yoga teacher may put their hands on you to either help guide you more safely into a pose, or take you into a pose deeper.  If that’s not something you’re OK with, you should tell your teacher BEFORE class begins. 

8. It always help when you arrive early.

This is always a good idea.  On your first visit to a yoga studio, gym, etc., you will most likely have to set up an account and fill out a waiver.  This takes a few minutes.  Also, depending on what day and time you are taking class, there may be a long line at the desk for check in.  Remember, you are going to yoga to de-stress. So best not to feel rushed. 

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9. Be introduced to the props and grab as much as you need

If you are lucky enough to practice in a space that has yoga accessories, in general I would recommend two blocks, a blanket, and a strap for your first class. You may also want to pull up some videos on how to use props in yoga before your first class — that way you’ll know what to do with all the gear you grabbed.

10. Place your mat in the middle of the room

While it’s tempting as a new yogi to head to the back, that’s actually one of the most uncomfortable places to start out. Why? You will often be in poses like downward dog where you are facing the back of the room, so if you can’t see around you, you may have a hard time following along.

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