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[Beginners] The Type of Yoga Mats You Should Know by NOW

[Beginners] The Type of Yoga Mats You Should Know by NOW

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There are tons of things about yoga you need to know and its not just about the poses or what type of yoga that are in trend now. The equipment for yoga is also an important essential needs for all yoga practitioners. Today, we are going to have a look on types of yoga mat. Having the right yoga mat for your daily yoga exercises helps strengthen your performance and ability.

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1. The Basic Yoga Mat

The basic I'm talking about is your run on the mill sticky yoga mat. These are the most common types of yoga mat. Due to their sticky properties and texture, it helps you hold on to your yoga poses for longer as it prevents slipping. This type of yoga mat can also be used at home. Select a yoga mat with better thickness which is from 1/8 inches 1/4 inches. This basic yoga mat is best for beginners.


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2. Natural Rubber Yoga Mat

The natural rubber yoga mat is one of the OGs of yoga mats. Their properties of nature-oriented material appease to all yoga lovers. It is known to be non-toxic and eco-friendly. Even so, they have great slip-resistant feature that is suitable for strenuous yoga exercises. The yoga mat provides you with best durability and cushioning. This yoga mat is a very good choice for eco-friendly yoga enthusiasts that aims to leave as little carbon footprint as they can to help save the earth.

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3. Plastic Elastomer Yoga Mats

To yoga enthusiasts and practitioners that also has a sensitive health issues when it comes to selecting the best yoga mat material for yourself, the plastic elastomer yoga mat is just the right fit for you. This innovative yoga mat is not just environmental friendly and healthy, it is also free from any PVC, latex or any other toxic properties. In terms of prices, this yoga mat is a lot cheaper than other plastic versions of yoga mat in the market. It also provides you with excellent traction and has a high resistant in slipping. This special yoga mat is also easily cleaned as it barely absorbs any water or moisture. Nevertheless, this yoga mat needs to be kept away from direct sunlight for a longer shell life.

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4. Cotton and Hemp Yoga Mats

This type of yoga mat has excellent cushioning for yoga exercises due to their soft texture and sweat absorbant. Also, they are easy to clean and can be wash regularly but keep in mind that the cotton yoga mat is not as long lasting as plastic yoga mats. For hemp yoga mats, they last longer than cotton yoga mat because the material is made from weaved hemp yarns and they are very durable because hemps have high elasticity and great tensile strength.

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5. Jute Mats

With the world going green right now, there are a few yoga mats that are suitable for all you nature lovers and yoga lovers. Jute mat for yoga exercises are considered as the most eco-friendly yoga mat because it's material is made from natural and biodegradable substances. This mat is perfect for all kinds of yoga exercises and poses because of its natural breathing quality.


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