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Advanced cycling activities

Grasp These Advanced Cycling Skills And Be A Pro Cyclist

Since we have covered cycling for beginners and intermediates, it’s time to go pro! All the built-up stamina, riding techniques, and extreme training should be put to good use. Amp up your cycling adventure with these activities now that you are an experienced cyclist.



#1 Cycling tour

Cycling tour

Advanced cycling is where you embark on a long-ride tour across the states. Riding hundreds of kilometers per week is the challenge you look forward to. It is physically and mentally challenging but this is what you’ve been training for.

Participating in a tour is a thrilling event since you get to ride with fellow highly-spirited riders and experience heart-pumping encounters along the way. Advanced tours usually involve riding uphill and the distance is always more than 200 kilometers. If you don’t want to miss any exciting tours across the globe, we advise you to join a cycling club.



#2 Advanced techniques

Some of these skills are not compulsory but definitely worthy to have in your armory. Even though they are not covered in basic riding techniques, it’s fun to learn them. These skills still require practice so you have to shape up or ship out.


#1 Ride with no hand

Handsfree bicycle ride

While you’re on a riding momentum and need a bite of your energy bar or even just to take off your vest, stopping might spoil the pace. This is the time when your hands need to be off the handlebar for a quick moment.

To do so, be sure you are on a straight path with no obstacles. As your hands are off the bar, keep pedaling while steering with your hip, make sure your front wheel is straight, and be careful.


#2 Hop over the obstacle (The Bunny Hop)

Bunny hop over an obstacle

You swerve every time an obstacle like a pothole is in your way. But there will be an extremely rare occurrence where swerving is not an option and bunny hop is the only feasible approach.

Hopping requires a little bit of practice and we advise doing it on grass. When you have your position in check, ride towards the obstacle, spring and lift at the right time. You can read further on this technique here to ensure hop perfection.


#3 Eating and drinking

Eating and drinking while cycling

Letting both of your hands off the handlebar is not applicable when the route is unsafe to do so. However, you can still eat or drink with one hand steering the bike. 

You should be able to reach the water bottle without having your eyes off the road since you know where the bottle holder is. Besides, the bottle is also designed to sip with only one hand. And if you want to open a food wrapper, you can simply tear it with your teeth or pre-open them before you start your ride.



#3 Bike racing

Bike race on the road

You can also put your cycling experience to a test. Take part in a race to see how well you handle the pressure of competing with fellow riders in crossing the finish line. 

Unquestionably, prepping yourself before racing is a must to ensure you’re in peak form. You can follow this pre-race training guide to improve your performance. And get familiar with the racecourse so that you can strategize when to turn, sprint, and pass others.

Unlike touring, bike racing requires concentration and a strong focus on yourself to finish first while still adhering to cycling etiquette for the safety of every participant. Most importantly, race with confidence.



Share your cycling knowledge with others

The kid is learning how to ride a bike

As you park your bike in the garage, a kid is seen learning how to ride a bike and you start to rehash the past, back when you’re still new to cycling. A desire to pass down your knowledge suddenly comes to you because undoubtedly, you know coaching may help anyone interested in cycling to overcome their weak spots.



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