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Flat belly tips

Helpful Diet And Exercise Tips For A Flat Belly

The one thing that frustrates most people is having to put on their pants only to find they cannot be buttoned. Dang it! As you sit by your bed feeling upset, pants halfway past your knees, you contemplate whether you should buy new jeans or just wear something baggy that fits you.

The idea of getting rid of that tummy fat crosses your mind but you just have no idea where to start. How about considering these tips in order to flatten your tummy.


Dietary Choice

#1 Limit your carb intake

Low-carb food

You will still need carbohydrates in your diet as they are our body's primary fuel source. But consider restricting certain carbs to help you lose weight like practising a low-carb diet. It is intended to burn stored fat for energy, specifically reducing fat in the abdomen and around the organs and liver. Suffice to say, substitute your energy source from refined carbs like sugar, pasta, and white bread to fruits, vegetables, and nuts.


#2 Reduce salt

Reduce salt intake

Salt is essential for the human body for fluid balance, nerve health, nutrient absorption, and muscle function. However, too much salt consumption may cause high blood pressure which is linked to various diseases like heart failure and kidney problems. It’s best to control your salt intake and think again when you’re about to buy some processed food because of the amount of salt in them, phew!


#3 Avoid consuming air and gases

Avoid swallowing air

Stop sipping through straws, chewing gum, and talk while you eat. Why? Because you are going to consume air at the same time that will accumulate in your stomach, leading to expansion of your waist. The same goes for fizzy drinks, your stomach will puff out as the gas gets caught in the stomach when you drink them. Now you know why you feel bloated all the time.


#4 Eat more protein

Eat more protein

Protein boosts metabolism, which you might’ve known, converts food into energy. Protein also helps you to control your appetite because it takes much longer to break down, which promotes fullness and eliminates the urge to keep eating. Eggs, meat and fish, seeds and nuts, and dairy products are some of the protein-rich foods that may help you get rid of belly fat swiftly.


#5 Eat fibre-rich food

Eat fibre rich food

Like protein, food rich in fibre will make you feel full for quite some time and without elevating the blood sugar and blood pressure level. The slow movement of food in your gut will reduce your appetite, making you stop eating for a while. You can get fibres mostly from plant-based food like sweet potatoes, brussels sprouts, avocados, and almonds. See the full list here.

Do bear in mind that as much as fibres may help you lose belly fat, too much fibre consumption may cause stomach cramps, diarrhoea, and bloating.




#1 Walking

Evening walk

Although running is a great exercise to maintain a healthy weight, walking is also one of the most effective exercises to shed some fat around your belly. Allocate a 30-minute walk daily in the right heart rate zone to maximise your calorie burn. You could also do some brisk walking because it enhances your activity level as well as reduces the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and several types of cancer.

However, you may start at your own pace and in no time, you’ll find yourself wanting to walk as your daily exercise. It’s simple yet fruitful.


#2 Swimming

Swimming for weight loss

If you know how to swim, consider it as your cardio since it’s also one of the ways to lose weight including stomach fat. Swimming for around 15 to 20 minutes is sufficient enough to get your cardio up. If you are a mediocre swimmer, invite your friends along until at least you know your own physical limitations. I mean, swimming is how you get to burn calories in a fun way while not being drenched by sweat! 

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#3 Do flat-stomach workouts

Flat belly exercise

Now, here goes the workouts that are fully focused on your belly area. There are numerous stomach exercises you can do to burn fat, build muscle, and get your abs chiselled. All you have to do is to pick which exercises suit your capabilities. Be disciplined and the result might show just within a week. There are 34 stomach exercises that you might find suitable for your daily exercise.


#4 Do yoga

Yoga for weight loss

Not only does yoga relax you, but you get physical health benefits too. Undoubtedly, yoga is astoundingly advantageous to your overall well-being. Since yoga is known as stretching exercise, it contributes well to weight loss without having to do high-intense workouts. Just so you know, stress emotion induces weight gain. So, by doing exercises that calm you, that’s how you tackle fat storage in your body. Convenient, right? 

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#5 Cycling

Cycling for weight loss

Another fun way to flatten your tummy is by cycling! Yes, just spend your evening at the park and cycle to your heart’s content. There are many cycling spots you can pedal along offering a sweeping view of panoramic greenery. Try cycling for around 30 to 60 minutes a day as it’s a moderate-intensity aerobic exercise that may lower belly fat.

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So waste no time. Practise these useful tips in getting rid of the fat around your waist. We don’t have to stress this enough, having the best body shape not only makes you look good but a healthy body does as well.



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