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Asia's hottest women fitness Youtubers to follow right now

Lose Weight At Home With Asia’s Hottest Women Fitness Youtubers

Ladies, all of us need an extra push to stay on track of our journey to lose weight - especially when we are home-bound. We’ve assembled a strong list of fitness Youtube personalities across Asia to bring you the “real-est” #fitspo motivations. And yes, they are all women who come from a variety of backgrounds!



#1 Joanna Soh

An award-winning Youtuber and creator of fitness app, Joanna Soh is also certified with Personal Trainer from ACE, Nutritional Coach (VN) and Women’s Fitness Specialist (NASM).

Inspiring over 1.7 million subscribers, Joanna constantly creates videos with holistic topics of fitness workouts, nutrition tips and other wellness guides on her Youtube channel and Instagram.

#2 Linora Low

A bubbly and upbeat personality who is no stranger in the fitness scene and also on the radio broadcast, Linora Low mixes fun, fitness, and passion in her lifestyle.

As a long-term Under Armour’s Brand Ambassador, she sure knows how to make health a fun thing with her famous home workout videos using household items on her Youtube!  

#3 Zoey (Zhou Liu Ye)

Zoey Zhou is one of the top ten fitness bloggers in China and a personal fitness trainer certified by the United States.

Incorporating scientific methods of losing weight, her workout tutorials are said to be very friendly, low to medium impact, simple and easy to understand, although her channel is more suitable for the Mandarin audience.

#4 Emi Wong

A lifestyle and fitness vlogger who used to battle bulimia (an eating disorder characterized by self-induced vomit), Emi Wong had come a long way since.

With 4.15 million subscribers to date, the most-followed fitness channel consists of a balanced mix of fat-burning HIIT workout videos, practical tips on how to live a sustainable and healthy lifestyle.

#5 Chloe Ting

Last year, Chloe Ting became the talk of the town when it comes to viral stay-at-home workouts. Her popularity as a social fitness star started with TikTok, and now the #ChloeTingChallenge trend has gathered more than 600-million views!

If you haven’t tried Chloe Ting’s workout, give this viral workout a try: Get Abs in 2 WEEKS l Abs Workout Challenge. It has more than 354 million views for a reason.

#6 Coffee Lam

Meet the first Canto-language Youtuber with over 1 million views on the channel. Hail from Hong Kong, Coffee, a former actress turned yoga instructor loves jogging and hiking in her past time when she is not teaching yoga.

Coffee’s sincerity in creating useful yoga workout videos and her down-to-earth, cheerful personality has won many hearts of followers alike across the region. Recently, she had just launched her yoga clothing line too.

#7 Cassey Ho

One of the OGs of fitness influencers, Cassey Ho started blogging and creating pilates workout videos on Youtube in 2009 and she is now of the most popular fitness figures on the internet.

You’d enjoy her fun-mixed toning workouts as she combines pop music into classic Pilates moves, which is what we have known as Blogilates.

From yoga to Pilates workouts, nutritional guides to real-life testimonials, all these woman fitness influencers here share the same journey of staying fit and healthy together with the community. You can now lose weight in the comfort of your own home, all you need is perseverance and dedication to see the real results at the end. They can make it, so do you!
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