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What to eat before and after yoga?

Yoga Food Guide l Eat The Right Food Before and After Yoga

The food you feed your body plays a crucial part in reaping the benefits of yoga. And guess what, what you eat before and after your yoga session is a major factor in determining your health! To reap the maximum benefits of yoga, eat a meal that comprises good fats, proteins and carbohydrates, plus should be dense in nutrients, both before and after a yoga session. Here's the food before and after yoga.


Things to remember when you eat before yoga

#1 Take food a couple of hours before doing yoga. The human body requires a few hours to digest food properly. 

#2 Limit yourself to eating only food items that have a low glycemic index, avoid foods that contain excess sugar, high in acidic and say no to junk foods. Also, steer clear from fizzy drinks.

#3 Eat in small quantities before practicing yoga. It is not advisable to have a heavy meal shortly before you leave for yoga sessions. Try to consume only light food that can be digested quickly and that does not take a toll on your metabolism.

#4 Drink enough amounts of water (not too little, not too much) to stay hydrated and avoid the feeling of nauseous or stomach cramps later in a yoga session. 

#5 If you have a yoga class in the morning, do not even think of boozing at a party the night before. Alcohol produces a dehydrating effect which will leave you with a hangover.

Drinking alcohol on the day before affects your yoga the next day

What to eat before yoga class

#1 Fruits

Fruits like avocados, bananas and apples are replete with minerals like potassium, magnesium and vitamin C. They are rich in nutrients and lead to the proper functioning of muscles and cells in the human body. 

The magnesium in bananas aids in thwarting bloating and muscle cramps. 
The vitamin C in apples gives your body an energy boost which is ideal before a workout. Besides, fruits are easy to digest and keep you full for quite some time.

A variety of healthy and delicious fruits smoothies

#2 Fruit smoothies or yoghurt

Smoothies give appropriate nutrients while also hydrating the body. The beautiful thing about them is that you can mix and match different sorts of fruits, so you don't have to keep to one flavour all the time! 

Fruits like pineapple, apple, orange, melon, and kiwi, for example, can be used. Making nutritious low-fat smoothies using fat-free yogurt is a terrific idea.

#3 Dried fruits and nut bar

Before going to the yoga session, eat some dried fruits and nutty snacks. Make sure the bar doesn't have more than 300 calories. It gives you sufficient energy for the session.

Eat dried fruits and nut snacks before your yoga session

#4 Oatmeal

With a low glycemic index and high fibre content found in oatmeal, it's definitely a good idea to eat a bowl of oatmeal before heading to your yoga practice. 

And it doesn’t have to taste bland! Try adding a spoon of yoghurt or a small bit of honey to the meal to enhance the flavour.

Eat oatmeal before yoga

What to eat after yoga class

#1 Water and fruit juice

While it is necessary to eat after practicing yoga, it is much more critical to hydrate the body. You should drink a lot of water and plain water is the best alternative! 

The best way to rehydrate is to sip the water slowly for your body to process the water efficiently. Chugging down will only spike up your urination. 

You can also sip coconut water or fruit juice for a change of pace. Instead of using extra sugar, rely on the natural sugar in the fruits. It's also okay to drop a few drops of lemon into the water for a boost of vitamin C.

Drinking lemon water after yoga boost Vitamin C intake

#2 Homemade vegetable soup

Making soups at home is preferable to purchasing pre-made, ready-to-heat soup from the supermarket, which often contains excessive sodium.

There's nothing like homemade vegetable soup for a wholesome post-yoga meal. Such soups can be made with carrots, celery, spinach, or cabbages. Toss in your favourite vegetables and season with black pepper and ginger.

Making homemade vegetable soup for your post yoga is a classic and healthy choice

#3 Whole-grain toast with scrambled egg whites

If you do yoga during the day, this is a delicious and healthy post-workout snack. Egg whites are high in protein but low in cholesterol. Whole-grain bread is high in complex carbs, which keep you stimulated for a long period. You can also serve it with salads.

#4 Fresh vegetable salad

After your yoga, you can indulge yourself with a bowl of fresh veggie salad. Dark leafy veggies can be used, and organic vegetables are the best choice.

To enhance the flavour, sprinkle pepper powder or cilantro on top, or drizzle a few drops of extra virgin olive oil.

Vegetable salad is recommended to eat after yoga

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