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Apps for mental wellness

5 Apps You Can Use To Care For Your Mental Wellness

We are all very much aware that mental health is so important. We are so privileged to be talking about topics like these in our generation today. In a world of fast content, three-second attention span, we should really take into account what type of content we consume on a daily basis. You can start today by decluttering who you follow on Instagram and choose to follow pages and platforms that feed you with positivity and inspire you.

Mental illness has become a norm especially after the pandemic started. The more we need to take active steps to take care of our mental wellness We have curated top 5 apps that you can use to care for your mental health, because you, yes YOU, deserve the utmost peace and joy in your life.


#1 PlusVibes

Malaysian app PlusVibes is an all-in-one platform for mental health and well-being

PlusVibes is a smartphone app that promises to serve as a one-stop solution for all of your mental health concerns. PlusVibes is an in-house chat service that connects you with a certified volunteer listener when you need someone to talk to. In addition to a vast library of encouraging videos and uplifting meditation content, the app also includes a database of local mental health organisations that may connect users with a trained therapist if they need more immediate or professional help. The app is free for both Android and iOS users. This app is our personal favourite.

Madiha Fuad, a Malaysian founder, was inspired to create the app after her own struggle with depression. She stated on their website that the app's purpose is to assist those who require a little more inspiration during difficult times in their lives. For more information, visit here.


#2 HeadSpace

Headspace Guide to Meditation App

Headspace is a meditation app that guides you on how to live in the present moment. The app offers a 10-day short guided meditation for several topics that are relatable to many, ranging from stress and sleep to focus and anxiety, there is a selection of themed programs to choose from. In the event of an emotional crisis, there are other SOS exercises you may practice.

By installing the app, you may enjoy a free two-week trial of Headspace. The first few sessions will guide you through the fundamentals of meditation. The basics, such as "noticing how your body feels" and "breathing in through the nose, out through the mouth," are explained in a soothing voice. The app helps you to be mindful and be present to notice what goes on with your mind and thoughts.


#3 Presently

Presently the Gratitude Journal

Presently is an app that helps you to celebrate the richness of your daily life by prompting you to journal the things that you are grateful about. It helps you to pinpoint at least 3 positive things even though you had a bad day. It is such a great practice to exercise gratitude daily. Having gratitude and seeing it in a beautiful list really allows you to end the day strong and positive. This app is free and available to download only on Google Play Store for now.


#4 Moodfit

Moodfit - fitness for your mental health

Moodfit is an app for iOS and Android that helps you figure out your emotions. You may establish clear daily objectives, utilise a variety of methods to improve your mood, and gain insight into what is improving and what is upsetting your mood.

  • This powerful app can be used to:
  • Keep track of your mood and set reminders
  • Assist you in comprehending how to sleep and exercise influence you.
  • Assist with irrational beliefs.
  • Gratitude should be practiced.
  • Make breathing exercises available.
  • Promote attentive meditation.
  • Keep track of your own variables.
  • Improve your knowledge of mood-related medications.


#5 Happify

Happify the app that trains you to be be happy in the small things

Happify is a research-based programme that aims to assist you in taking proactive steps to enhance your overall well-being and mental health. The app gives you access to a range of valuable tools and information, and you're in control of how you use them to transform your thinking, emotions, and attitudes so you can live the life you deserve.

Stopping and altering negative thoughts, reducing anxiety and stress, increasing mindfulness and optimism, and gaining confidence and self-esteem are just some of the ways Happify helps you train for happiness and resilience through life's obstacles. Happify also uses artificial intelligence to help you navigate your activities.


Final Thoughts

Whatever sort of therapy you require, there is an app for it. Knowing what sort of help you need is crucial to finding the ideal therapy app for you. Follow your instincts and see where they lead you.





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