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Top 10 Finger-Licking Good Vegan Instagrammers to Follow Now

Where else can you inspire yourself if it's not on Instagram? Often comes with recipes, these extremely aesthetically pleasing Instagram photos could just convince you to convert into plant-based foodies by the end of this list!


1. Deliciouslyella by Ella Mills 🌱 

Ella's stewed berry porridge, topped with luscious peanut butter and caramelised bananas can make anyone drool by just looking at it. As one of the early food bloggers who led the plant-based eating trend, her bold and experimental recipes are always at the top-of-the-game, as proven by her award-winning cookbooks and other successes such as running a deli and a lifestyle & cooking app. 


2. Pickuplimes by Sadia Badiei 🌱

Soups are super comforting! They are like a warm hug in a bowl, as described by Sadia Badiei who is a Dietetics graduate that started the Pick Up Limes Youtube channel with 2.3 million subscribers to date. You'll find yourself loads of plant-based and wholesome recipes that nourish your soul, and body cells too! 

Get to know these huggers: African Peanut Soup, Garden Green Pea Soup, Harvest Squash Soup, Borscht Soup and Veggie Lentil Soup.



3. CheapLazyVegan by Rose Lee 🌱

Don’t be surprised if you come across an abundance of lazy vegan Korean recipes because Rose is a South Korean YouTuber who grew up in Canada. Her recipes often show how to maintain a vegan life without breaking your bank. Vegan can be cheap, easy-peasy and delicious like this heartwarming and savoury Tteokguk (Korean rice cake soup). 



4. by Jose 🌱

Can you tell that this is a 90's theme smoothie bowl? Hats off to this Instagram account for making veganism so colourful, mouth-watering and picture-perfect! At 16-year-old, Jose is a talented cook who removes "boring vegan" by creating healthy, vibrant colors, and completely vegan breakfasts and sweets. His famous creations include smoothies, ice cream, cakes and toasts and is always beautifully styled. 



5. Avantgardevegan by Gaz Oakley 🌱

You can't find anything sexier in a man that can whip up masterpiece dishes and is passionate about plant-based eating. From festive theme recipes to edgy dishes and simple vegan meal prep in between, Gaz Oakley's food photos are always looking ever juicy, sumptuous and so tempting to your eyes! Nod your head if you feel this way from this sauce-dripping Sticky Toffee Pudding.



6. Davinadavegan by Davina Goh 🌱

A rare plant-based gem in our Malaysian community, Davina Goh is leading the trend with her passionate recipes and familiar flavours that'll tuck our Malaysian hearts altogether. Thanks to her vegan cafe excursion, people are now more connected to the plant-based lifestyle that is growing among us. Her homemade blue rice noodles dish is quite an eye-pop and sure tastes yummy!  



7. Onearabvegan by Nada 🌱

While it is not widespread, plant-based eating is gaining popularity in the Arab world. Nada (pronounced as ned-a), is a famous Abu Dhabi Instagrammer who celebrates her passion for traditional Middle Eastern cuisine with a healthy, plant-based twist. She turns kibbeh (fried meatballs) to vegan by replacing meat with pumpkin! That sounds creatively delicious and nutritious at the same time.



8. Rak's Kitchen by Rajeswari 🌱

Who needs meat when there are herbs and spices, curry and dal to enhance the exotic tastes of India? Rajeswari from Chennai charms her 1.9 million Facebook followers with her detailed step-by-step cooking that seems effortless and enjoyable for those who don't even know how to cook. Her mostly tantalising South-Indian and North Indian recipes prove that Indian food makes one of the tastiest plant-based cuisines. 



9. The Buddhist Chef by Jean-Philippe Cyr 🌱

The Quebec chef prepares extremely creative vegan dishes with his mix & match techniques and cooking cultures from around the world. Simple yet exquisite in flavours, Jean's recipes bring Zen into the kitchen with his 20 years of practiced Buddhism. Featured here is a playful twist of pan-fried, orange-glazed Tempeh.



10. BOSH! by Henry & Ian 🌱

From million-views Internet sensation to hosts of the first broadcast vegan cooking series for nationwide TV, the dynamic and handsome duo takes plant-based food into the mainstream. Henry and Ian's dishes are crowd-pleasing and super delicious, which most of them come from trial-and-tested recipes. Here's the Puttanesca Potato Stew that is full of flavour, low in fat, and delicious in hot or cold.



More Vegans to Inspire You...🌱🌱🌱

You are not alone if you ever want to try out plant-based eating. Discover and connect yourself with the rest of the vegan community from all over the world through this list:

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