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Top Cycling route in Malaysia

6 Best Cycling Spots To Pedal Along in Malaysia

Undoubtedly, there are many cycling spots all around Malaysia with their unique qualities: Close to nature, wide and well-groomed road, remarkable landscape, and the list continues. But the spots mentioned down here are our personal favorite and keep on reading to find out whether you have been to any of these places.


#1 Putrajaya Botanical Garden

Above view of Putrajaya Botanical Garden

Photo credit: Fawwaz Media

With eight botanical themes sprawled across the 230-acres land, this award-winning garden is well worth cycling. Witnessing a vast lake, canopy bridge, arrays of flowers, and various other attractions will surely make your ride more uplifting.

The free admission is what makes the place filled with people eager to do all sorts of recreational activities, from leisurely walks to evening picnics. The place also provides bicycle rental facilities if you’re in the mood to cycle with someone other than your cycling group.

Take a gander at this spectacular bird’s eye view of Putrajaya Botanical Garden captured by Fawwaz Media.



#2 Desa Parkcity Central Park, Kuala Lumpur

Central Park at Desa Parkcity

Photo credit: EdgeProp Malaysia

Although it cannot beat the ultimate Central Park in New York City, our very own recreation spot is not to be sneezed at. Desa Parkcity Central Park is where visitors of all ages come to jog, exercise, blow some bubbles, and bike ride. 

The looped trail is about 1 to 2.3 kilometers long, surrounding an artificial lake and lush trees along the route - a perfect spot for a more relaxed ride with your family members.



#3 Spiral Bridge of Hope, Penang

Spiral Bridge of Hope in Penang, Jambatan Harapan

Photo credit: Howei In The Skies

As implied in the name, Jambatan Harapan is one of the components in the hope to encourage walking and cycling as modes of transportation among citizens in Penang.

As you ride along the 180-kilometer bike route across the island, you will eventually reach this bridge as you catch sight of Queensbay Mall. Get to the top of the bridge for a short break while adoring the breathtaking ocean view before resuming your ride.

Watch this amazing video of the bridge by Howei In The Skies and you can read all the details here.



#4 Shah Alam Cycling Lanes

Masjid Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz And Shah Alam Lake Garden

Photo credit: LoveYourSelf

The first trail of this 2-kilometer bike lane starts at the residential area in Section 4 until Shah Alam Lake Garden. If that’s too easy for you, continue for another 3-kilometer ride to Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Mosque where you will pass an authentic ‘Selangor-Japan Friendship Garden’ along the route. 

Take the first exit from Setia Jasa Roundabout to get to your third bike trail covering a 5-kilometer long if your stamina is still intact. You will again pass Shah Alam Lake Garden to reach the loop trail where Taman Lembah Bukit SUK is its central point. Your ride completes upon reaching the end of the lane.

The total of this 10-kilometer bike lane is relatively easy to navigate as it provides all necessary road markings for cyclists. You can see the detailed navigation here.



#5 River of Life Cycling Path, Kuala Lumpur

River of Life in KL

Photo credit: YongBoi69

Ride in the developed city of Kuala Lumpur if you enjoy seeing high-rise structures and charming tourists taking photos along the route. Let your fellow riders know there’s a bike route in KL that showcases a mesmerizing River of Life.

Present-day, the bike lane comprises two loops. Starting from Dataran Merdeka, go North to head towards Chow Kit (2.74km) or go South to head towards Brickfields (12.13km). But before you start riding, take a kick-off photo of you wearing a very stylish cycling helmet at the iconic “I Love KL” Monument. A smile of contentment will never leave your face as you ride past the fountain and see a shoal of fish in the pond swim blithely.



#6 Taiping Lake Gardens, Perak

Taiping Lake Gardens for recreational activities

Photo credit: @PerakTourism and Aerial Sky Studio

Who would forget to ride at the third most sustainable city in the world, none other than Taiping Lake Gardens? A well-manicured lawn and the pristine condition of the place are the reasons why it unfailingly attracts people to come here. 

There are about 10 man-made lakes and ponds sprawled across the gardens that you will ride past. At some point, there are several routes where the sweeping branch are arched across the road, making your ride more calming while the soft breeze brushes your face. Riding throughout the garden is extremely fulfilling but you can further your ride to the town of Taiping if you feel a bit adventurous.



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