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Top 5 Tips To Manage hardships In Life

How To Manage Setbacks In Life Like An Adult

Sometimes in life, your lowest pit or season comes at the most unsuspecting times. Like a wave, it may hit you over and over again. Such is life, we cannot control what happens to us, but we can control how we react to it. If you are in a deep valley currently, here are 5 tips that could possibly help with how to manage setbacks in life.


#1 Reflect

When situations are not ideal, ask yourself: Why are you in it currently? Any past actions that led you to where you are? What could you have done better? What can you do now to change your situation? How can you grow from this setback that is in your life? 

These series of questions are needed to help you reflect because you can analyze your mistakes and probably raise your self-awareness of your actions. This is a good first step to be at.

Reflect yourself

#2 Don’t take things personally

Tackle your setbacks with solutions. Focus on the issue and just block out all the negative talks. That will be the most empowering thing you can do. It’s worth bearing in your mind to not take it personally when people talk bad about you. That might be the reflection of themselves and sadly, you’re the receiving end.

In Don Miguel’s book, The Four Agreements, he talks about a powerful code of conduct that can help us experience freedom and help us respond in situations better, with ‘Don’t take things personally’ being one of the four agreements. Basically, to not absorb negative energy or comments directed at you, only when it is constructive.

Don’t take things personally

#3 Keep pressing forward

‘When the going gets tough, the tough keep going.’ The quote implies that it is important to understand that life comes in stages of ups and downs. We need to go through some hurdles to appreciate the good part, right? Remember, when you are so down in the dumps and you think this can be your lowest setback, the only move from here is up. So, keep pressing on! You’re almost on the other side of your setback. Success is near!

Keep moving forward

#4 Focus On The Good

Always look at the glass half-full. We faced different kinds of challenges regularly and the best coping technique is to focus on the good around us. Recognise your small joys daily and count them. As you amount these small blessings, you will realise there’s a lot to be thankful for despite the setback you’re facing at the moment. 

Your small wins could be, “My boss treats me to lunch today,” “I have a shelter over my head,” “I have supportive friends surrounding me.” Start counting them and before you know it, your setbacks will look so small in comparison to the insurmountable blessings you have.

Focus On The Good

#5 Thank You, Next!

Be thankful for your setbacks. They are hurtful, but try to smother with some gratitude as it will help to build your character as well as mould you to become your future self that knows how to manage those hardships. Then, have the courage to step out and rise above this setback. Life is how you make it. Cherish it and never lose hope. Trust that it gets better. We’re rooting for you and cheering you on!

Thank u, Next


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