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Hiking Do’s and Don’ts

A Guide To The Do's and Don'ts of Hiking

Hiking is a great way to get your exercise in. For someone who is not into running, can first start with hiking as it is simple with minimum gear, relaxing, and scenic. There are precautions to any sports and outdoor activities. Here are some do’s and don’ts that you should follow, when it comes to hiking.



#1 DON’T: hike alone

Don’t Hike Alone

Sometimes it’s good to not test your capacity when it has the potential to put you in danger. This is one of the situations. As the jungle can be very dense and trails may get confusing, therefore it is strongly advisable to always hike with a group of at least 3 to 4, which would be a good number to have. Plus it’s more fun too!

You might not expect what dangers you could face during a hike and would not know how to respond to it. Hence, best not to hike alone, especially at night. If you like the adventure of the night, please follow a guided tour. Always remember that nature is always bigger than you.



#2 DO: tell people where you will be

Send location

Even when you hike with a group, always tell people where you’ll be. It’s good to let your family and loved ones know how long your hike will take, in case anything happens to you. They would be alert if you go long hours missing. When that happens, you would want someone to go looking for you, in the case you are unreachable.



#3 DO: research on the trail

Research trail

Always do your due diligence to research the hiking trail. Find out how long the hike will take, whether the terrain is an easy or difficult one, what kind of texture of route you will be encountering, and any relevant information. Will it be rocky or muddy, so you can prepare well with the right footwear. Will the weather be chilly at the peak? Or will it have a tendency to rain on this trail?

Doing your due research will reduce the risk of under preparation and make your hike more enjoyable! You can find a range of outdoor accessories for your preparation here.



#4 DON’T: litter and pick flowers

Don't litter

Respect nature. It doesn’t belong to you. It is not a dumping ground and it is a place where people come and commune together. It is a common space that should be appreciated. The community puts in the effort to maintain and keep the forest clean. So, do your part when you bring food, bring it down with you, and dispose of it in the trash can.

If there is no trash can in sight, then hold on to it because it is yours. So take responsibility and accountability for your own things. One less trash makes many hikers’ experiences more enjoyable!



#5 DO: Prepare your food intake before and during the hike

Food preparation

Food is fuel! It is so important to have the right fuel for your body before a hike, so you would have the energy to go through the terrain. A perfect breakfast meal would be a cup of oats and a banana, which should suffice you. You do not want to be consuming sugary, heavy, and caffeinated meals before a hike as it may make you feel uncomfortable during the hike.

Cool water bottle

Pack a small energy bar or little biscuits or a sandwich to keep you full in case your hunger pangs strike mid-hike. Always stay hydrated during the hike and bring a bottle of water with you. The last thing you’d want is to be dehydrated and fall sick after the hike. You can browse many cool water bottles here.


Don't ruin your hiking adventure and check all these boxes for a smooth hiking experience! 



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