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Cycling for beginner

Embark On An Exciting Cycling Journey: Cycling for Beginner

As you ride your bicycle downhill, you find it is exhilarating to have a cool, gentle breeze across your face while enjoying the breathtaking view along the route. It’s no surprise cycling is an activity favored by all individuals whether it is for recreation, transport, exercise, or sport. With that being said, if you do decide to take on cycling as your regular activity, here are a few first-hand guides you need to assess.



#1 Get the right bike for you

Choose the right bike

Every bike is fine-tuned to a person’s suitability and comfort. A few things you should consider when choosing a bike is the weight and size, your riding style, and your budget. For beginners, we suggest you opt for a lightweight bike. It is easy to handle and for you to get the hang of it. 

Although the lightweight bike may provide an advantage to ride uphill, it will be less durable and not suited for extreme rides. But that’s fine, we all start somewhere!



#2 Get proper cycling gear

Proper cycling gear
Moving on, you will need the necessary gear to ensure your safety. On top of the list is the helmet. Get one that fits your head and suits your style. A set of comfortable jerseys, bike shorts, gloves, sunglasses, and safety equipment are needed too. You can look for many viable options here. This may seem a lot, but safety does not come with luck, so be prepared!


Cycling jersey

UV Protection Cycling Short Sleeve Jersey Set Wear


Cycling sunglasses

Cycling Sunglasses


Stylish cycling gloves

Reflective Active Semi-fingered Cycling Gloves


Yellow cycling helmet

Bikerboy Riding Cycling Helmet



#3 Get comfortable and practice

Practice cycling techniques

For a pro cyclist, a long-hour ride is a total breeze. But for beginners, you need to spend some time practicing. Get comfortable with your bike and don’t stress yourself by doing everything a cyclist would’ve done. Ride on a flat path first and work out all the compulsory riding techniques. It is unrealistic for a beginner to have an extreme ride without practice, built-up stamina, and practical experience.


#4 Get your cycling routine on schedule

Pre-ride check for smooth cycling

Once you’ve mastered all the techniques, it’s time to draw up a schedule for your cycling routine in order to track your progress. It should be doable with your current capabilities. And no matter when you set the time to ride, you must always do a pre-ride check: Inspect your bike, carry a safety kit, fill up your water bottle, and prepare some energy snacks. Oh, don’t forget to stretch too. This checklist is to ensure a smooth cycling journey and not to mess up your schedule.

Remember, consistency is key. When you have created your riding habit, you will feel more natural as your body has adjusted to the routines you’ve set.



#5 Get to know your riding style

Cycling in a group

Now that you’ve grasped all the basic requirements, you might reach the point where you want to explore your riding style. Some prefer to ride alone and some prefer in a group, which both have their own merits. 

Riding alone allows you to ride at your own pace and to enjoy some me-time, only accompanied by your thoughts and surroundings. Contrarily, riding in a group will keep the average speed in momentum and it’s fun to ride with fellow riders where you can exchange knowledge.

At the end of the day, you will eventually figure out what is the most suitable type of riding that fits your preference. You could be a competitive rider, an off-road rider, or maybe an extreme one.



#6 Finally, stay safe during your ride

Stay safe while cycling

And of course, you must adhere to safety precautions when riding outside. You may have worn all the safety gear but your surroundings are not. Keep your eyes and ears alert at all times, obey the traffic laws, and avoid riding at night. 

If you don’t wish for any unwanted incidents to occur right after you embark on your cycling adventure, staying safe must always be your number one priority.


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