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5 headwear functions other than sports

Clothing Versatility: 5 Headwear Functions Other Than Sports

Most headwears and hair accessories have practical roots which serve protective functions from the sun, especially during physical sports activities. They're also an easy way to signify the wearer’s sensibility to fashion and add that extra pop to your outfit without putting in too much effort. 

Simply said, the perfect headwear can top off your favorite outfits all year round. There are numerous functions of headwear besides physical activity. Find out more about the varieties of headwear functions here.


#1 Beach and outdoor picnic

The warm-weather style hats like a billowy sunhat or a Panama hat embody a laid-back beachfront glamour. When worn with a one-piece swimsuit, maxi dress, or short shorts with a tank, the brim of the hat gives quick shade while also adding summer-look style.

People lying under the sun with picnic hats

Have a few sun hats on hand so you can adjust the brim width according to the intensity of the sun. The right hat material should be looked into as well. For breathable, lightweight, and offers excellent UV protection, opt for cotton or straw fiber.

A woman walking along the beach with a sun hat


#2 Fishing

Don’t let that sun glare disrupts you from reeling in your fish! Shade your eyes with a fishing hat that provides protective function from the UV rays, made with a quick-dry material, waterproof, breathable, elastic, and comfortable. Cotton, nylon, or polyester are some of the suitable materials for fishing in warm weather. ​If you are fly fishing on a cold day, a beanie should do the trick to stay warm.

Baseball caps may be the most convenient and stylish, but they don’t protect as much. Instead, opt for bucket hats that are denser and offer more protection.

A man with a fishing hat


#3 Fashion style

It's undeniable that some wear hats to shield their face in style. It can be from the range of summer-weather styles like a sun hat, Panama hat, boater, and visor to cool-weather styles like a beret, beanie, newsboy cap, and felt cap. 

Find out the hottest summer trend hats here to help your personal styling.

A woman with fashionable style and a newsboy cap

There are also all-season styles like a baseball cap, trucker cap, and cowboy cap. In fact, you might also realize that this kind of headwear is common to be worn indoors too. Wearing hats to complement one’s outfit is an example of fashion over function.

A fashionable man posing with a Panama hat


#4 Gardening

No matter how many hours you plan on spending outside in your garden, you need the best and most comfortable gardening hat possible. Unlike fishing or having a picnic, gardening is an activity that most people will be covered in sweat.

Seek a gardening hat that’s lightweight and breathable. Because if you’re out back shovelling soil or pulling weeds – you need the best garden hat material to help deal with the sweating and exertion. A good gardening hat should be made from a combination of polyester and nylon.

A man wearing a gardening hat

A wide-brimmed gardening hat will not only cover your face, chest, and shoulders from the heat but will also keep you cool and protect you from the drizzle.


#5 Collection

Collection of headwear

Hat aficionados have everything from designer-made to custom-made hats off the street. They're seeking one-of-a-kind and very rare pieces for their collection. 

Some range from utilitarian, versatile, retro, legend to the best for traveling purposes. If you encounter a hat collector, be sure to grab any useful knowledge from them for some insights.

Collection of baseball caps


Find the best hat for your style

You may choose a hat based on your daily activities. A ballcap is ideal for running and protecting your eyes from the sun. A wide-brimmed hat made of cotton keeps your face dry when trekking, and if it has a strap, it may double as a necklace while not in use. Invest in a straw hat if you'll be out in the sun all day. With Cuban style in vogue right now, it’s a timely and comfortable look.

Find the best headwear for your styles

Most importantly, don’t be afraid to try new types of headwear. It might take some trial and error to find the style that suits you best.



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