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How to get Pumped Up in Spin Class

How to get Pumped Up in Spin Class

 Pumped Up Spin Class

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Spinning class can be full of exhilaration and pumped with endorphin type of exercise. Originated from New York, this exercise uses the stationary bicycle as the exercise equipment. It has various levels of resistance challenge using speed and endurance. This exercise is full of excitement too for its pumping music and flashing lights accompanied by an instructor that’ll help you find the FUN in exercising. The cardio that you’ll be doing can burn 400-600 calories and fat depending on the duration and intensity of one class. The best part is, you don’t have to be a pro at cycling to get you started.


Here’s what you need to know about this energizing and trendy exercise.


1. Setting up your bike correctly

Arrive at the class early and pick your best bike of the bunch. Also, make sure to adjust the seating of the bike for your own comfort. In order to do this, you have to make sure that the saddle is about the level of the top of your hipbone line when you stand next to it to ensure an optimum cycling experience.


2. Shoes to clasp your bike

Most of the spinning class studio provides clip-in cleats which will make the sole of the shoe clipped onto the pedal. You can do this by asking for help from the trainers. But no worries, as you can also option for regular trainers.


3. Always hydrate yourself

Spin class are usually very fast pace and sweaty. Always have a water bottle with you and hydrate yourself every now and then during the exercise.


4. Take breaks in between

Instructors are trained to cater to a variety of fitness levels. So, if you find yourself catching up a little bit harder than others, take some time in between to not strain yourself while having fun exercising.

 Spinning Class

Photo via Unsplash

5. Not too tight on the handle there

Holding on too tightly on the handle grip can lead to injuries. Instead, relax your grip to keep off abundant pressure on your elbows and wrists and focus the power on your legs towards the pedal to maximise the riding experience of your exercise.


6. Padded shorts will save you

Spend a little money in buying padded shorts that has a little bit of light padding on the bum area. This will give you comfort if you are not used to sitting on a saddle for a long amount of time.


7. Warm-up in the first 10 mins

For exercises involving cardio like a spin class, you will need to warm-up for the early 10 mins before starting the exercise as it can be very straining later on.


8. Go nuts and enjoy

Spin classes are designed for you to enjoy the music while experiencing a healthy way to stay fit. So, have fun and go for it.



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