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Introduction to Athleisure, Sportswear in This Millennial Age

Introduction to Athleisure, Sportswear in This Millennial Age

Hey you sport fans and fashion enthusiasts! Make way for the new evolution of sportswear in this millennial age.

The term "athleisure" is a combination of the term athletic and leisure combined. It is a form of fashion that gives you the full comfort of a sportswear and the ability to style your everyday look.This trendy and hot style was popularized by yours truly, millennials of this generation. It is the up and coming new urban street fashion that are both chic and comfy as we are all about the practicality and the functionality in fashion. So now, everyone can look stylish and trendy whilst going about your day in your sweatpants. Some athleisure wear can be found in your local stores, from Bomber Jackets to Polo Shirts, Crew Necks to Jogger Pants, Athleisure Bags and most importantly Sneakers.

Introduction to Athleisure

Photo : Curtis Means/ACE/ (All Rights Reserved)

Introduction to Athleisure

Photo : Splash News Online (All Rights Reserved)

For you fashion lovers out there trying to keep up with this new trend, here are some tips on how to wear them:

  • Mix sports pieces with items from your usual weekend wardrobe.
  • Opt for a bomber jacket instead of a blazer to add an athleisure touch to outfits.
  • Make sneakers your go-to footwear.
  • Swap suit pants and jeans for more casual and sporty styles of trousers, such as joggers and chinos.
  • Turn a casual outfit into an athleisure look with sports-influenced accessories like duffle bags and baseball caps.


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