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Match your breast shape with the right sports bra

Match Your Breast Shape with The Right Sports Bra

Have you wondered why your sports bra just doesn’t feel quite right? Even though you’re so sure that it’s 34B cup. That’s because our breasts come in all kinds of shapes too! Your sports bra shopping will be a lot easier (save the guessing time) if you know how to also match your breast shape to find the right sports bra. 


9 types of breast shape

There are 9 types of breast shapes exist in this world. Aren’t you curious about which one is yours?

At the end of the article, you’ll figure out which breast shape are you along with some recommendations to hunt the most fitting sports bra. Have fun getting to know your breast friend! 


#1 Relaxed

For this type, the breast hangs downward and comes with lax tissue. The nipples also sit lower where they may or may not point downward too.

Suggestion for a sports bra - Choose a padded or underwired sports bra for additional support. Be selective with the widened band and thick straps that can lift your breast comfortably. 

Try the style - Retro Square Collar Sports Bra and Deep V Mesh Panel Racerback Sports Bra


#2 Round

The breasts are equally full and round on the top and bottom with the breast tissues evenly distributed throughout. Breast implants are most likely to look like this. 

Suggestion for a sports bra You’re lucky because this breast shape can pull off any style of a sports bra! 

Try the styleShop em’ all


#3 East-West

You probably have this when your breasts tend to gravitate to the outside of the chest, and your nipples also point towards the opposite direction and outward too. 

Suggestion for a sports bra - The best sports bras for east-west are either front-closure, strapless or padded, with their primary function to keep your breasts centred on the front.

Try the style - Long Line Front Zipped Sports Bra and Square Collar Cross Board Strap Sports Bra


#4 Side Set

The breasts are generally larger and fuller next to the east-west, with nipples centred on the front. There’s also a wider gap between the breasts so chances are that you have difficulties having cleavage. 

Suggestions for a sports bra Cup padding sports bra can bring your breast tissue to the front while a widened band support on the side (underarm) works best to provide you a secure fit too. 

Try the style - Side Mesh Sports Bra and Cut Out Cross Back Sports Bra


#5 Asymmetric

It’s very common to have one breast smaller than the other. The cup difference between the uneven breasts is usually one size or less. 

Suggestions for a sports bra - Avoid underwired or encapsulated sports bras because of their sculpted construction to fit each breast. A compression sports bra with removable pads would work best for you because of the elasticity and you can gather your breast around to fit comfortably without gaping. 

Rule of thumb - Fit in your larger breast over the smaller breast. 

Try the style - Racerback Sports Bra and Iron Fairy Breathe-in Strappy Open Back Active Bra


#6 Athletic

They are generally muscular and wider with little tissue. No, you don’t have to do any intense workout to have athletic breasts.

Suggestions for a sports bra - A compression sports bra will fit this shape nicely because of its wireless construction and great support for ladies with lesser breast tissues. 

The type of sports bra you should avoid is underwired sports bra because it is typically sculpted to fit standard breasts, which is slimmer than this category. You’ll feel uncomfortable and the breasts will not sit right. 

Try the styleHigh Impact Crossback Sports Bra and Back Caged Strappy Compress Sports Bra


#7 Teardrop

The breasts are circular, the same as round breasts but they are fuller on the bottom than on the top. Their nipples are likely to be facing upward or at the middle. Any style of sports bra can fit this shape. 

Suggestions for sports braAny style of sports bra can generally fit this shape. However, if your breasts are larger, choose encapsulated or underwired sports bra to provide full support at the bottom of your breasts. 

Try the style Back Caged Strappy Sports Bra and Free to Be Longline Sports Bra


#8 Bell

Of course, they can look like the real bells! This breast shape typically occurs among larger breast-sized ladies. They have more volume at the bottom and thinner at the top. 

Suggestions for sports braWith the weight of the breasts, you can easily put on a comfy, supportive and full coverage sports bra that offers firm support and a great hold. 

Try the styleJagaBall High Neck Active Sports Bra and Iron Fairy Open Back Ruffle Trim Sports Bra


#9 Slender

This shape is best described with longish or narrow breasts and it has low nipples with weak tissue. It doesn’t mean you should wear a smaller cup size, just that your chest won’t fully fill up. 

Suggestions for a sports bra – Choose a deep plunging style sports bra to give an additional shape. It can pull your breast tissue towards the centre. 

Try the style Iron Fairy Deep V Back Sports Bra and Iron Fairy Double Strap Crossback Sports Bra 

So, what’s your shape? 

In short, always remember to combine your bra size and breast shape knowledge to find the right fitting sports bra. A good sports bra can make you feel your most comfortable self and confidence. With a diverse collection of styles online, we’re here to help!


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